Structure and clarity

Keep track of your project even challenged with large amounts of data and high complexity.

Hierarchy in the data

Structure your project into categories, top-level indicators and detail indicators. The hierarchy of indicators in the Keypoint Control Rooms allows you drill down to specific details starting from highly aggregated indicators.

Content-related links

Do you want to know what causes lie behind a risk or how a project phase is structured into work packages? Link views to specific data points in your graphics, logically connecting indicators and detailed information.

Integration of comments

Combine quantitative indicators with the comments of your team members. Their comments help you anticipate future developments, understand past outcomes and coordinate within the team.

Overview: Structure and clarity

  • Drill-down

    Systematically drill down to the roots of problems. The Keypoint Control Room displays both overview and detail.

  • Aggregation & Highlighting

    Keep track of the overall progress of the project and identify problems immediately thanks to our system’s automated highlighting of critical indicators.

  • Hierarchy

    The hierarchical structure reduces complexity and makes large amounts of data manageable.

  • Clarity

    Aggregation and hierarchy provide clarity for faster and better identification of problems.